Water-Based Stain: Simplicity and Beauty in One

water based concrete staining NashvilleConcrete floors are highly popular, both in residential and commercial Nashville settings, but isn’t the plain, gray color quite exhausting to look at? Worry not. There is a way to add color to your floors with utmost consideration with the need for something beautiful and economical. Water-based stain is a decorative concrete solution that comes in a variety of standard and custom colors. It is ideal for use on old and plain concrete floors, both indoors and out. Read on to learn more about concrete staining solutions.

The Wonders of Water-Based Concrete Stains

There are many different types of decorative solutions for plain concrete floors. Concrete staining services, however, stands out because of the ease of its application and the instant improvement which is evident on the floor. Here are some good reasons why it is a must-try:

  • Economical – Because it can be applied directly on existing concrete, it does not require a concrete re-pour or any other material
  • Aesthetically-pleasing – Adding colors on the floor is a great way to liven up a room. Since it comes in a variety of opaque and consistent colors, there are various choices to match or complement the interior design or the exterior architectural style of a home. It is also flexible enough for custom floors, making it possible to use multiple colors to create a pattern or design, as well as layered on top of each other to produce surprising hues.
  • Environment-friendly – it does not contain harmful chemicals that could be detrimental to humans, pets, and plants. It also does not require rinsing and neutralization, as compared to an acid-based stain.
  • Easy to Maintain – Staining concrete floors require a sealer coating to keep it protected from dirt and moisture, making it easier to clean and maintain. Although it is applied topically, it is durable enough not to peel or fade.

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water based stained concrete Nashville

Sundek of Nashville creates the most tasteful stained concrete floors has to offer! With incomparable craftsmanship, our team of professional installers turn old, plain floors into stunning works of art. Since the company’s humble beginnings back in 1984, we want nothing more than to provide residential and commercial clients with the best floor options possible. We invite you to learn more about your water-based concrete stain options. Give us a call! You will be glad you did!