Top Concrete Driveway Designs for Your Home

Concrete driveways may be the last thing that homeowners would even think of enhancing, but it would actually benefit the owner and the property significantly. Resurfacing the driveway concrete is a great way to upgrade its look without spending as much as one would for a complete concrete driveway installation. As long as the driveway is still in good condition, it can be transformed into a stained or stamped concrete driveway. Here are some of the top concrete driveway designs that are gaining popularity for its aesthetics and economical features.

Colored Concrete Driveways

A concrete driveway does not necessarily have to be all plain and gray. Nowadays, more and more homeowners are adapting designs that match the exterior architectural theme of their homes. Driveways can now be in a complementary color or a combination of many, depending on the customer’s preference. Colors can be incorporated with the use of stains, dyes, or pigments. A concrete driveway sealer is then applied to enhance the color further and keep it from fading prematurely.

colored concrete driveways

Stamped Natural Stone Finishes

One of the most popular resurfacing options for driveways is stamped concrete. It can create faux finishes that resemble more high-end natural stone floors, such as flagstone, slate, and more at a friendlier concrete driveway cost. These stamped patterns are then stained to make it look more realistic, thus, requiring the expertise of a concrete driveway contractor.

stamped natural stone finish

Customized Engraving

Engraving is the process of sawing on a concrete overlay to create deep design patterns. This is ideal for homeowners who want to have custom designs on their driveways, such as letters, numbers, symbols, and more.

custom engraved concrete driveway

Geometric Tile Pattern

Tile flooring is a great idea if you are after geometric patterns. However, it can be quite an expensive material and it is not ideal for driveways, where tires could break them easily. Concrete overlays can be designed to look like individual units of tile installed in a creative pattern. This can be done through stenciling or stamping.

geometric tile pattern driveway

Troweled Concrete Coatings

Spray-on acrylic texture systems are gaining popularity because of its simplicity and stylish texture. This material is often sprayed on after a concrete driveway repair has been completed. The material is then troweled manually to create an even but textured surface. The driveway can be enhanced further with borders or breaks in a contrasting pattern or color. The great thing about this material is that it stays cool so you won’t have to worry about melting tires.

troweled concrete coatings