Commercial Space Revamp: Top Concrete Resurfacing Options

Like the essentials in our lives, a floor is also something that we should never take for granted. In a commercial setting, it plays a huge role in making the space efficient, inviting, and comfortable for clients. When it starts to acquire damage or when age and constant usage becomes evident, the floor could become a major turn off. To protect your investment, opt for a commercial concrete resurfacing. Here are 4 of the most popular materials to revamp a commercial space.

Stamped Concretecommercial concrete stamping nashville

Natural stone makes any space look clean, elegant, and crisp. This comes with an expensive price tag so business owners barely use stone for their stores or shops. Now they can with stamped concrete. An overlay of concrete can be stamped and stained to look like almost anything. Stamped patterns include flagstone, fractured slate, brick, and more.

Polished Concretecommercial concrete refinishing nashville

Scratches and patches are evident on concrete floors. With the heavy traffic experienced by commercial floors, it is almost impossible to keep the floor looking shiny and new. Polishing the concrete can achieve that, though, with very minimal effort. Using a polishing equipment, the slabs are sanded with different abrasive pads until the desired shine is acquired. The shine stays even without the use of wax, scrubs, and buffers.

Stained Concretecommercial floor stain nashville

While paint is the most popular method of adding color to floors, it is not the most reliable. It peels, fades, and flakes off. Staining it is a more effective method. The colors penetrate deep into the slab, making it impossible to fade. Water-based stains are perfect for solid colors while acid stains are great for more decorative themes, thanks to its random chemical reactions and color tones. This can be done on new pours as long as the slab has cured for a month or so already. It can also be used on old concrete and resurfaced ones.

Epoxy Flooringcommercial floor solutions nashville

An epoxy floor coating is perfect for almost any commercial establishment, as long as it is indoors. It does not get along very well with UV rays so might need to keep this material for indoor use. This is a tough and durable coating that makes floors resistant to most types of damage, making it perfect for warehouses, commercial kitchens, auto shops, and the like. Epoxy flooring contractors in Nashville, Tennessee highly recommends it because epoxy requires very minimal cleaning and maintenance and it offers a wide range of decorative options that business owners would surely love.