Top 5 Concrete Surfaces to Use Sealers On

Floors owners often hear about concrete sealing from contractors or read about them in home improvement reading materials. While the term is common, the real reason behind the recommendation can be quite vague. Hot summers and cold winters in Nashville could take a toll on concrete floors. Heavy foot traffic can also cause damage. Concrete sealing Nashville services can help make floors stay attractive and durable for a longer period of time.

Now that you understand the main principle behind the need for sealing concrete, here are the top five surfaces where sealers will be most beneficial:


Concrete driveways, especially the commercial type, go through foot and vehicle traffic. It is prone to tire treads, grease stains, and the harmful effects of outdoor weather. Sealers can help concrete endure such use and abuse. Aside from extending the life of the driveway, a sealer can make it a lot more pleasant to look at.

driveway concrete sealing


Outdoor floors, such as patios, are exposed to freeze thaw damage during the winter season. This can be prevented with concrete sealers Nashville applications. A patio is one of the most crucial element that could make or break the curb appeal of a property. A sealer not only protects it from damage but also give the floor owner the option to enhance its appearance. There are many different types of sealers. Some provide a matte finish while some make the patio floor extra shiny or glossy.

patio conrete sealing

Pool Decks

Concrete is known to be a porous material. Using it on pool decks is economical but it can get easily damaged from all the pool water splashes. To keep water from seeping into the deck surface, which could ultimately lead to cracks and weak concrete, a coat of concrete sealer is needed. Some sealers can be mixed with a fine aggregate to increase slip-resistance.

pool deck concrete sealing

Interior Floors

Whether it is colored or polished concrete, indoor walking surfaces need as much protection as outdoor concrete floors. Garage epoxy flooring Nashville surfaces also need to be sealed to prevent the overlay from peeling or chipping off.


Commercial Concrete Floors

Grocery stores, hotels, and other commercial establishments have floors that go through really heavy foot traffic. Despite the tremendous abuse, it needs to be in tip top shape so as not to turn off customers and clients. A sealer can help keep it beautiful while providing an extra layer of protection from excessive usage.

commercial concrete floors sealers