The Plus of Stamped Concrete Overlays

stamped-concrete-pool-deck-TNWhy Stamped Concrete Overlay?

Stamped concrete proved to have a lot of benefits over the years. Among its many benefits includes the fact that you don’t have to completely tear your flooring up just to replace it with new concrete (which, by the way is also a pricey option). Stamped concrete overlay is basically resurfacing your floor to get rid of any visible damage before a stamp design is added with a color and design of your choice. Stamped concrete is the best choice if you want to have a luxurious look for your floor such as granite, marble and slate. Stamped concrete overlays can withstand high traffic areas as well as weather damage. It’s highly durable and long lasting.

What Makes it Super?

A stamped concrete overlay system uses a special kind of polymer which is engineered to be stronger than concrete. Only a small coat from this polymer is needed for it to have a strong and lasting layer of protection that’s ultimately superior to normal concrete. That’s why you can see that concrete overlays are less expensive and seals your concrete floor with the longest durability and minimal maintenance needed. Using Stamped Concrete Overlay is an option for your flooring that’s even more flexible than traditional stamped concrete with a wide array of choices for its application and design! You can choose from different color schemes and cool patterns that would not only maximize your flooring, but also add up to the value of your property. With Sundek of Nashville’s Stamped Concrete service, the brink of luxury is right at your doorstep.