Remodeling Your Outdoors: Creative Concrete Design

Outdoor FlooringsTurning into the driveway is always a nice welcome home, and your backyard doubles as weekend retreat and entertainment center. It’s easy to take outdoor space for granted, but it’s exciting to upgrade the familiar with a new look. Creative concrete design is an affordable approach to exterior remodeling with endless possibilities.

Match Textural Form With Family Function

The latest stamping and staining techniques turn ordinary concrete into surfaces that replicate natural stone, expensive pavers, and even wood. Deeply textured options like rough cobblestone add beauty to driveways while smooth slate patterns offer secure comfort underfoot around patios and pools. Flagstone makes wonderful sidewalks that never let grass pop up between seams. When weighing your decorative concrete choices, consider which textures work best with your family’s foot traffic.

Complement Your Exterior Decor

Herringbone brick lays down a traditional feel on front steps, and you can reflect your home’s timeless style by replicating this inviting surface with a stamped concrete installation. Does your house show off sleek, contemporary lines? Extend that modern vibe with the look of smooth tile from the back door to your outdoor kitchen. Whether you love the upscale elegance of travertine or enjoy the cozy warmth of natural stone, decorative concrete complements every home’s exterior.

Customize With Colors, Borders and Shapes

Your design options are never limited to natural stone and traditional patterns. Concrete surfaces take on dramatic style with unique stains, special pigments and antiquing agents. Contrasting textures create defining borders, and bright hues liven up pool areas. A professional installation can include free-form shapes that add beautiful color outside the square patio box. From custom inlays to complex motifs, the only limit to decorative concrete possibilities is your designing imagination.