Sundek Classic Texture Nashville

sundek classic texture nashvilleSundek Classic Texture is designed for concrete coatings, concrete resurface and decorative concrete. Its acrylic cement coatings are capable of providing a smooth concrete finish.

Reliable and Quality Floor Coatings

The system of acrylic concrete coatings use of modified copolymer cement. The texture is imparted through spraying to provide an elegant concrete finish. The modified copolymer cement is combined with vinyl acetate emulsion additive of Sundek. The concrete finish is available in white, grey, red and tan colors.

Water-based acrylic material is also used as one of Classic Texture’s concrete coatings. Acrylic cement coatings are capable of providing a total of 16 ordinary colors. The resulting components of cement coatings should be applied to surfaces by means of trowel or spraying tools. There are no suggested types of material to replace the contents used in Classic Texture product. Its reliability, quality, consistency and effect are dependent on the materials used by Sundek. Acrylic concrete coatings offer protection by preventing the possibility of sliding or skidding.

Innovative Overlay Ideal For Home or Business Surfaces

Classic Texture also offers options for concrete resurface and decorative concrete. It is best for concrete resurface designs to improve and enrich existing concretes. It is available for use in exterior and interior locations.

Acrylic coatings can be mixed with SunStamp and Tuscan products for a decorative concrete effect. Tuscan product produces a European texture effect. SunStamp product combines the older and newer design to achieve its classic effect. The combination of these products with acrylic coatings produces stylish and timeless effects. Masonry and scoring effects can also be achieved with acrylic cement overlay by performing different methods of application. The effect of Masonry can be attained by placing its designated template tool. The patterns of Scoring can be attained by using the grinder and cutting wheel tools of Masonry. Classic Texture product of Sundek is readily available in Nashville, TN.

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