Invest In Affordable Top Quality Garage Floor Options

Concrete floors used to be perceived as a gray and rough surface that is nothing close to attractive. Well, it’s high time we let go and forget about that. Decorative concrete has since been taking the home improvement world by storm. In fact, even garage floors are getting the opportunity to acquire a much better aesthetic with more reliable features.

Ideal Floor Coating System

Nowadays, garage designs are making the room look more like an extension of the house, and not a separate area meant only for cars, tool, and storage. The rationale behind is expanding the horizons. After all, equal level of comfort should be felt in the garage because it is still part of the house. To make this connection, it is but right for garages to look the part. Improving garage flooring can be achieved by using coating systems. Not only will it prevent further wear and tear, it will also hide existing scratches and damages, as well as promote a worry free and low maintenance outlook. Polyurea Polyaspartic is the most ideal floor coating system you should deeply consider, here’s why:

Polyurea Polyaspartic – This is a quick-setting material, often applied in layers, that was originally only made available for commercial and industrial use. However, its positive features and the demand for a fast-drying option made it ideal for use on residential garage floors, as well.


  • Sets and dries quickly, thus, minimizing installation time
  • More durable than epoxy floors
  • Can be applied on an existing concrete surface
  • Comes in various colors
  • Can be customized with colored microchips
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Application Process:

  • Floor undergoes a grinding process to remove dust, dirt, and blemishes
  • A polyurea polyaspartic primer coat is applied
  • Once the primer coat is dry, a polyurea polyaspartic base coat is applied. Microchips can be added at this point
  • When dry, excess chips are carefully scraped and swept off the surface
  • Apply the polyurea polyaspartic coating

Professional Flooring Contractors

Behind every efficient garage flooring service is a reliable concrete contractor. Choosing the right people to do the job is crucial if you want your investment to deliver good returns. We at Sundek of Nashville believe in this which is why we made sure that our expertise and experience are reflected in our completed projects, not because we said so. Before deciding on a Polyurea Polyaspartic concrete floor, it is important to have a clear view of what coating would best suit your budget, taste, and needs. We highly encourage you to give us a call or send us an email. We would be more than happy to discuss concrete floor design options and give you a free quote.