Water-based Stain Colors

Water based stains can be layered and combined with other colors that results to a peculiar look that is not always possible with acid stain. This type of stain is eco friendly and flexible.

The various colors available for installation range from muted and conservative colors to exciting, brighter shades.

• Mahogany
• Cinnamon
• Copper
• Fern
• Slate
• Chocolate
• Maize
• Midnight
• Ocean
• Teal
• Brick
• Purple
• Red
• Spice
• Pear
• Plum
• Dark Chocolate
• Coral Reef
• Sienna Rust
• Montego Stone
• Sand
• Antique Moss
• Golden Harvest
• Café Latter
• Amazon Palm
• Terra Cotta






Water Based Stained Floor Color Chart


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