The Plus Side Of Stained Concrete


Stained ConcreteColors

Stained concrete style can be applied by using concrete staining tints, dyes and sealers. Tints and dyes are applied to concrete areas that are difficult to produce successful stain results. Dyes are capable of producing intense tone colors. Some of them are also manufactured to resist ultraviolet rays. Tints and dyes offer different colors that are not readily available in other stain compounds.



Colored concrete sealers are available in epoxy, urethane and acrylic materials. Epoxy sealer provides the hardest property. Urethane sealer is expensive. It is ideal for resisting scrapes. Acrylic produces a glossy exterior surface.

User and Eco Friendly

Stained concrete is a great investment to make, repaying its cost with its abrasion resistant and eco friendly qualities. Despite the shine, it is also easy to clean, and with the right add-ons, can be slip-free.

Commercial Stained ConcreteVersatility

Indoor or outdoor, stained concrete looks great and feels well. It can be installed on your patio or driveway, pool deck or walkway. It serves as a great material for indoor-outdoor transitions.

Life Span

A well-maintained stained floor can last longer than you expect it to. Since it is easy to clean, the upkeep is not demanding, but it can render years of longevity.

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