Acid-Based Stain: Escape the Ordinary

concrete staining NashvilleStaining concrete is more than just adding color to it. It’s more like a refreshing break from the ordinary, especially with an acid-based stain. Plain concrete floors can acquire a boost of color and appeal with just a mere coating of concrete stain. This is a perfect solution for discolored or ugly stained floors. But what makes this concrete floor solution different from the others? Read on to find out.

Concrete Staining Process

The process of staining concrete floors begin with a thorough surface preparation. Damage would need to be repaired and existing coatings would need to be stripped off. Once the surface is ready, the acid stain is spread with a hard foam mop or sprayed onto the concrete floor. It is a water-based solution that contains metallic salt which, when it comes in contact with the lime content of concrete, creates random effects caused by a chemical reaction. These random effects create the illusion of stone or leather. After the stain has dried, the surface is neutralized and rinsed until water runs clear. A sealer is then applied as a top coat to protect the stained floor.

Advantages of Acid Staining

There are many reasons why floor owners revel at this unique stained floors, such as :

  • The gorgeous effects create a look that can never be replicated on another concrete floor.
  • It comes in a variety of colors ranging from earth tones to soft blue greens.
  • This type of stain penetrate past the surface of the concrete floor. This means the color won’t fade, chip, or peel away.
  • This method of coloring concrete is a very economical solution to reviving old concrete floors.
  • It can be applied on both interior and exterior floors, be it for residential or commercial environments.
  • Two or more colors can be applied in layers to create surprising hues and unique patterns.

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Acid-based concrete stain is highly recommended for traditional and contemporary settings. We at Sundek of Nashville make sure that you get a unique addition to your home with the best stained concrete floors has ever seen. We want to keep you informed, so please do not hesitate to call us with your questions and quote requests. We create such beautiful floors, you would want to show it off!