Stamped Concrete Patios: Going Beyond Expectations

The installation of a classy and elegant stamped concrete patio transforms home renovation in Nashville, Tennessee.

Stamped concrete patios are easy to mix and match with their surroundings. The blending aspect will never be a problem because we are expert at adding a few elements to make it seamless. Concrete outdoor areas are ideal because of their durability, flexibility, practicality and affordability. As well, outdoor areas finished this way are easy to maintain. If the desire is a new look, refurbishment is not a problem with stamped concrete.

residential patio resurfacing NashvilleStamped Overlay for Concrete

An option to consider when having a patio done is imprinted concrete. Concrete stamping is the solution for newly poured slabs, but stamped overlay is for restoring an existing concrete slab. There are many refreshing decorative designs available with overlays. A sample of the most popular patterns includes:

  • Ashlar
  • Flagstone
  • Cobblestone
  • Fractured Slate
  • Brick
  • Tile
  • And more

Following application, the overlay can be stained to create a more appealing look, especially if a specific look, like natural stone, is being replicated.

Stamped Overlay Cost

There is a wide array of possibilities for design and for executing that design in concrete. One of the most important factors is the budget allocated for the renovation. Many homeowners “settle” for low standard options due to a limited budget. But choosing to resurface with a stamped concrete overlay is highly economical. This solution can restore existing concrete without compromising function, durability or aesthetics.

To determine the exact rate per square foot, there are several factors to consider. The size of the patio is a large determining factor in how much the project will cost. Once the size is determined, the number and complexity of the chosen patterns will influence price. Then, add-ons such as custom staining, scoring, and engraving could mean additional charges. It is best to consult one of our professional concrete contractors to get an accurate quote based on these factors.

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To carry out any renovation plan you have for your concrete patio, contacting a professional concrete contractor will be helpful and effective. Sundek of Nashville has experience as a decorative concrete company dating back to 1984. We are an A+ BBB rated contractor and we offer stamped concrete overlay applications for concrete patios. We also know how important your outdoor living spaces are, so we will ensure it is a worthwhile and enjoyable investment.

Contact the nearest contractor in your area now to have an idea on how much your dream design will cost.