Pool Deck Options: Decorative Concrete Overlays vs. Pavers

concrete pool deckPool decks are boring if they are plain concrete. You can have it decorated by adding pavers or concrete overlays. Keep in mind that one is not necessarily better than the other. Pavers and overlays have their own advantages and disadvantages and which is better for your pool deck depends on your preferences.


The concrete overlays particularly the stamped ones are cheaper than pavers. The pavers made from stone are way more expensive than the ones made from brick.


Overlays are also much easier to install. It takes less time. However, installation of overlays must be done all at the same time. It is usually impossible to match the color of the first batch of overlay so add-ons or expansions are not possible.


There is also no need for much maintenance with a concrete overlay. You just need to ensure that sealers are reapplied regularly (every other year) and when needed. Pavers can give you a problem when it comes to maintenance. Weeds or grass may grow in between the pieces so you will need to have them removed once or twice a month.

Design Options

There are many designs to choose from if you will choose pavers but a concrete overlay can offer more. Any color is possible. There is also no limit for the pattern. You can basically specify the design that you want.


On the other hand, a concrete overlay is more susceptible to cracking than pavers. Pavers will never have a crack because they are composed of small pieces. If a piece is damaged, you can easily look for a replacement that matches the piece.

Both pavers and concrete overlays give plenty of design options. The overlays seem to be a better option when it comes to cost, installation and maintenance. However, they are prone to cracking, which is not the case for pavers.