Commercial & Residential Acrylic Cement Coating

Murfreesboro Acrylic Concrete Pool DeckHere at Sundek of Nashville, we can meet all your acrylic cement coating needs. We offer the products and services that you need to enjoy your deck or patio once again. While Murfreesboro, TN experiences warm temperatures throughout the year, the area also receives some rain, and it’s even snowed in the city before. That rain and moisture can wreak havoc on your pool deck, but we can reduce the effects of that moisture quickly with our Sundek products.

What is Sundek Classic Texture?

Sundek Classic Texture is a unique product that works on both new and old concrete spaces. It fills in gaps, reduces the appearance of chips, and hides other problems. This unusual product essentially serves as a brand new surface for your space. You can use it around your swimming pool, on a walkway, around your entryway, or even to create a new surface on your driveway. With one application, it will completely transform your old space.

What are the Benefits?

Our customers know that we offer the best products at the best prices, and our Sundek refinishing product is just one of them. The greatest benefit of this product is that it will cut down on your maintenance. Once applied to your concrete surface, it forms a barrier that blocks out pool water and other types of moisture, but it also blocks out oils, dirt, even chemicals. You’ll save both time and money keeping your outdoor spaces clean. We provide services for homeowners living in Murfreesboro, Bowling Green, Huntsville and Memphis, and we let our customers get in touch with us online or over the phone at (615) 822-7134. Find out more about our unique acrylic cement coating with a phone call today.