Impressive Concrete Overlays & Installations In Nashville

Concrete Floor InstallationsSundek of Nashville provides decorative concrete installations, services, and products in the Memphis, TN area. We offer repairs, installations, and upgrades to meet the needs of area property owners. We offer a complete line of high quality Sundek acrylic cement coating products including epoxy coatings and overlays, and polyurea polyaspartic indoor applications.

We have expert installation teams that can infuse brilliant colors on outdoor and indoor surfaces with colorful staining products. We can treat pool deck, patio locations by resurfacing them with textured finishes that improve foot safety and add eye-catching beauty. For driveway and garage applications, we offer stain resistant finishes that prevent soaked-in oil stains, chemical spills, and that reduce maintenance and costly cleanups. We can use refinishing techniques to bring a great new appearance to an old or faded sealed installation. We can re-tint the area in the owner’s choice of colors and re-seal it for long-term protection. Our skilled installers can add customized stamped concrete finishes to any new or old location in the homeowners choice of patterns including brick, tile, and stone. This system adds the appeal of traditional materials at a fraction of the costs.

At Sundek of Nashville, we look forward to calls and inquiries from Memphis area homeowners about our skilled installations and expert decorative concrete services. Please call us at (615) 822-7134; we have staff members waiting to take calls, answer questions, and arrange free estimates. If seeking price information for work at any residential or business location, please fill out a request for quote form here. By either method, our first-class customer service begins with the initial contact. Please call or fill out a request for quote form today.