Reveal Your Home’s Best Colors With Stained Concrete

Memphis, TN Staining ExpertsSundek of Nashville provides concrete staining products and services in the Memphis, TN area. Using high quality Sundek products, we can transform any old or new cement location. We can repair old surfaces; this avoids the expense of tearing out the old surface and installing a new one. It is an excellent treatment for patios, pool-side decks, and driveways. Our expert teams then stamp the overlay in the customized pattern selected by the homeowner. Once set, we add color and texture to create the appearance of high-end materials like brick, stone, slate, and tile.

We use high-quality Sundek products to stamp and color new or old surfaces. SunH20 is a water based coloring system that provides precision tinting. This product is a fast drying formula, and it works equally well on indoors or outside spaces. SunDye infuses the cement surface with a rich colors. It can be used alone or in combination with acid washes for even greater variety and customization. SunAcid has the remarkable quality of interacting with chemicals in the surface. This results in bursts of color and highlighted tones. Each application of SunAcid produces a unique finish.

At Sundek of Nashville, we invite calls and comments from Memphis area homeowners about our concrete staining services. Please call (615) 822-7134, we have helpful staff members standing-by to answer questions and schedule free estimates. For those who wish to get pricing information on work planned for any home or business location, please fill out a request for quote form here. Whether by telephone or an Email request for quote, our first-class customer service begins with the first contact. Please call or request a quote today.