Unique Floor Tints & Effects That Swirl Your Home Floors

Huntsville, AL Residential Concrete StainingSundek of Nashville provides a high-quality line of concrete staining products and expert installation services in the Huntsville, AL area. We have years of successful engagements in this beautiful wooded area, and we understand the importance of improving and protecting indoor and outdoor cement surfaces with long-lasting, low-maintenance coatings. Based on our experiences protecting Huntsville, AL concrete surfaces, we have tailored our services to offer customized floor and outdoor finishes. We can improve the appearance of new or old surfaces and blend with any decor or color theme. We offer acid washes, water-based finishes, and concrete dyes. We can match color requests and create unique combinations of tints and effects.

SunAcid provides remarkable color and contrasts. The acid washes produce exceptional effects as they react with salts and other elements in the surface. The result is that each application yields a one of a kind finish with remarkable depth and highlights. SunH20 offers a controlled application of color not available with acid stains. The water-soluble polymer has outstanding binding characteristics on concrete or overlays. SunDye adds rich, vibrant color to any surface. It can stand alone as a brilliant coloring agent or be used in combination with acid washes to make a nearly unlimited range of colors.

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