Expert Acrylic Cement Coating Contractors

Pool Deck AcrylicLooking for an acrylic cement coating that will make you want to spend time outside again? Here at Sundek of Nashville, we have just the product for you. Specifically designed to work with concrete spaces in the Huntsville, AL area, we encourage our customers to find out more about this amazing product before they call us or use our online contact form.

Eliminate Cracks, Chips and More

Sundek Classic Texture is a product specifically designed for use on existing concrete areas. While concrete is a strong and durable material, it can also suffer damage from constant use. If you have a deck or patio around your pool, you might notice that your pool cleaners and chemicals leave behind darker and lighter marks on the concrete, which we call etching. After we apply the Classic Texture product to your pool deck, it will restore the original look of your deck. Unlike other products that only work on certain surfaces, this product will work on all types of concrete, and you can even use it if you sealed the concrete in the past.

Not Just for Decks

Sundek Classic Texture works on all concrete areas and not just your deck. It’s a great way to freshen up your entryway, which is the first thing that visitors see, and it also works well on your driveway or patio. One application will hide those dirty oil slicks on your driveway and any other stains that you see. If you live in the Bowling Green area of Kentucky, Murfreesboro or Memphis, TN or Huntsville, AL, let us restore your old concrete area. Call us at (615) 822-7134 or use our contact form to find out how our acrylic cement coating can help you.