Elegant & Durable Pool Deck & Patio Acrylic Cement Coating

Bowling Green, KY Acrylic Surface DrivewaySundek of Nashville provides acrylic cement coating products and installations in the Bowling Green, KY area. We feature refinishing and resurfacing with the remarkable Sundek Classic Texture. We tailor our services to meet client needs, and we offer a free estimate. With years of experience in this four-seasonal region, we understand the need to protect concrete surfaces from the effects of heat, cold, rain, and ice. Based on this experience, we can recommend services to meet customer needs.

Unfinished concrete surfaces can chip, crack, and split due to weather conditions. We recommend resurfacing to coat and protect the site. This process will add color and an upgraded appearance from ordinary concrete. If there is an old sealed installation, we recommend refinishing. We can re-color and then re-seal the area in the customer’s choice of color. This will give it a fresh look and a like-new sheen. Ideal for pool decks and patios, the Classic Texture has layers of rich color and protective seals. It blends cracks, seams, and surface repairs into a pattern of lines and shades which makes an artistic presentation. Homeowners will impress neighbors, family, friends, and guests with the stunning beauty of Sundek of Nashville’s poolside and patio installations. When used for entryways and driveways, property owners will enjoy the protective coatings, which prevent chemical and oil spills from soaking into the concrete. This keeps the appearance over time and avoids costly clean-ups and maintenance.

At Sundek of Nashville, we invite call and inquiries from area residents about our acrylic cement coating installations. Please call (615) 822-7134 as we are standing by to respond to requests and arrange free estimates. More information on the high quality products and expert installations are available here in our website.