Proper Maintenance of Interior Floors

Indoor concrete floors in both homes and business establishments need to be well-maintained to make it last longer. Cleaning interior floors in Nashville may not require special training but it is important to know the proper way of doing it. Doing something for the sake of completing the task is simply not acceptable. It is important that the main goal is achieved, and that is cleaner properly-maintained interior floors. Here are some helpful tips for proper upkeep.

staining concrete Nashville

Sweep Regularly

Sweeping is like drinking water. It needs to be done even when you’re not thirsty. Sweeping helps remove dust and dirt that are starting to accumulate on the surface. Make sure to remove dirt from the grooves of a concrete floor that have undergone a stamped concrete resurfacing Nashville process.

Wet Mop Once a Week

The frequency depends on how often an interior floor is used. The heavier the foot traffic, the more often it should be mopped. This can be done with just a mop and water. If the floor has a decorative concrete Nashville overlay and sealer, it is important to consult a pro about what floor cleaning products are safe to use. Make sure to use a small amount of cleaning solution and dilute it with water. If not, the floor would dry sticky or with ugly streaks caused by too much cleaning product used.

Damp Mop with Care

It is also important to squeeze excess water from the mop to prevent cleaning water from puddling on the concrete floor. This could cause dull spots on the floor when it dries. Also, any special sealer or finishing product on the concrete floor could soften and weaken when left soaked in water or a cleaning solution. To be extra sure that moisture from mopping won’t cause damage, use a dry mop to lessen dampness on the floor.

Reseal When Necessary

A sealer is a protective material for concrete floor surfaces but it can fade after a couple of years, depending on how much usage the floor is exposed to. Re-applying the sealer can help renew the top layer, keeping the concrete slab underneath protected from damage. Concrete staining Nashville floors also helps restore the look of a concrete interior floor. This is a decorative remedy to masking off ugly stains and natural concrete discoloration. It would still be necessary to apply a concrete sealer after the staining process is done. This way, the color would stay vibrant and protected.