Understanding Epoxy Flooring Solutions for Concrete Surfaces

garage floor contractor nashvilleOnce upon a time, you had very few choices when it came to making a concrete floor more appealing. You could overlay the concrete using carpet, have stone or another flooring material installed on top of it, or you could have it sealed against moisture. However, all of these solutions were either too time consuming, too expensive or simply not aesthetically pleasing. That has changed today. Epoxy flooring solutions for concrete surfaces allow you to transform any concrete surface into a beautiful, durable space.

Different Grades for Different Needs

One of the most interesting things about epoxy flooring solutions for concrete surfaces is the fact that there are different solutions for different needs. For example, for a residential garage floor, a 2-component, water-based epoxy coating can be used. This offers the lowest price, a wide range of design options and excellent durability. Light manufacturing or warehousing operations can make use of the same solution. For heavier manufacturing or warehousing systems, a serious of high-build epoxy resin coatings offers the best aesthetics and durability.

The Advantages Offered by Epoxy Flooring Solutions for Concrete Surfaces

One of the most interesting things about this type of flooring solution is the number of advantages it offers over bare concrete, carpeting or “sealing”. First, you’ll find that the epoxy coating is completely waterproof, ensuring that moisture does not penetrate into the concrete, which can cause discoloration, cracking and other problems over time. Spills can simply be wiped or mopped up when they happen.

Second, epoxy flooring solutions for concrete surfaces are resistant to chemicals. Whether you’re considering resurfacing your garage floor or the floor of a dealership showroom, this is a very important consideration. Cleaning chemicals, oil, gasoline (and any other chemicals) can have a very adverse effect on untreated concrete floors. Bleaching, fading, erosion and staining are common. However, with an epoxy coating, your concrete is safe from these threats, and will look great for years to come without you having to worry about what a chemical spill will do to the floor.

Designs to Fit Your Needs

Plain concrete is, well, plain. However, epoxy flooring solutions for concrete surfaces do not have that drawback. In fact, you can achieve almost any aesthetic you want. Whether you want the look of natural stone, hardwood or a high-gloss, professional color that helps highlight the design of the automobiles in your showroom, epoxy coatings can help.


A quick glance at the industry will show you there are quite a few DIY epoxy flooring solutions for concrete surfaces. You might be tempted to go it alone here. However, that’s really not a good idea. It’s highly recommended that you work with a professional concrete and epoxy company to ensure that you are able to achieve the aesthetics that you want and don’t encounter any problems during the process. Epoxy coatings can be tricky to apply, particularly multi-part solutions or multiple layer applications. It really does pay to let the professionals take care of it.