Design Ideas for Stained Concrete

Concrete staining is a popular floor treatment because it makes any concrete surface more vibrant and attractive. The great thing about staining concrete Nashville floors is that it can be a decorative addition to the floor by itself or as an additional treatment to other floor projects like stamped concrete. It is important to be aware that there are two types of concrete stains: acid and water-based. Each one provides a different effect and look. Check out these cool design ideas for stained concrete floors Nashville projects.

  • Contemporaryinterior floor staining Nashville TN

If you are the modern type, wanting contemporary patterns and effects on the floor, a coat of stain could help make the floor look more interesting. This type of design often involves neutral colors. Metallic stains can also be added to make the floor some type of modern industrial look.

  • Vintagecommercial floor stain nashville

For those who are interested in vintage surfaces, such as leather or natural stone, an acid stain would work wonders on the floor. Choose earthy colors and watch the chemical reaction between the stain and the concrete produce random effects that are unique in every floor.


  • Water-Inspiredblue floor stains

You would be amazed at how striking blue stain is on concrete floors. There is a wide selection of blue shades and there are those that can look as blue as the ocean on a cloudless, sunny day. This is great for use on commercial floors for businesses that has to do with water, like a marine life pet shop, a spa resort, and more.


  • Patternsconcrete resurfacing Nashville TN

It is easy to create wonderful patterns on concrete floors with concrete staining Nashville colors. Whether it is a geometric pattern or a swirly floral design, the stain colors can be applied in specific areas to achieve the desired look. These patterns can be enhanced further by adding engraving or stencil work on the concrete floor.

  • Matching Floors & Ceilingsresidential interior floor Nashville TN

Who says stains are just for concrete floors? You can make any room a lot more interesting and decorative by staining concrete walls or ceilings to match the floor or the overall theme of the room. Just make sure that it does not look like a concrete stain threw up all over the room. Choose contrasting or complementing colors when choosing to stain the wall or ceiling as well.


  • Personalizedconcrete staining Nashville TN

Want a more specific design on your floor? Then personalize it with a good stained concrete Nashville design. Water-based stains are a lot easier to control so it would be ideal for very specific designs, like swirls, logos, and even graphics. The colors produced by water-based types are also more consistent and uniform.