Entryways That Scream “Welcome Home!”

Concrete EntrywayFirst impressions do make a difference and that’s true for your home as well. A gorgeous entryway says a lot about your personality and style. What do you want your friends and family to feel when they enter your home? Are you interested in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere? Perhaps you prefer a grand and formal entrance. From dramatic to comfy, contemporary to classic, let your entryway make a great first impression!

Make a Plan

Whenever you embark on any home improvement project, it’s great to do your homework and make a plan. A great place to start is your budget and time commitment. Depending on the size of your entryway, this could be a small or large undertaking. Consider getting professional advice if this is your first remodeling project.

Now that you’ve set aside some money for your entryway, you’ll need to choose a style. If you’re not sure where to start, look around at the other parts of your home. If you enjoy traditional furniture and décor, then make the entryway reflect that style. Does modern art appeal to you? Then go with some contemporary ideas for your new entryway.

Your Blank Canvas

Once you have a style picked out, choose the flooring and paint for your walls. If you think of these areas as a blank canvas, you realize that your floor and walls set the tone for the whole project. Many people are choosing decorative concrete for their entryway floor as a beautiful, easy-to-clean and affordable option.

Finishing Touches

To finalize your new entryway, add complementary rugs, furnishings and paintings. Whatever style you choose, you’re sure to end up with a gorgeous entryway that says “Welcome home!”