Concrete That’s Made New (and even better)

decorative-concrete-driveway-Nashville-TNHowever strong and durable concrete is when it comes to finishing for outdoor landscaping, driveways and walkways, it’s still not indestructible. For places with colder climates, salting to fight off snow and ice can cause pitting on the surface and makes it look terribly ugly. Concrete surfaces outside your home can also be stained with fluid leaks from your car or marred by paint spills or other chemicals that you use. A busy and active outdoor concrete surface can begin to look worn and old over time.

But we at Sundek of Nashville offer you a guaranteed way out from this dilemma. You no longer have to go through the irritation and pain of seeing your concrete like that. Our professionals at Sundek of Nashville are well-trained and can save your concrete slab with decorative concrete applications and make it look even better than when it was new!

Turning Tables for Your Concrete

If your driveway isn’t that attractive, it probably took a huge amount of beating from use, time and weather. In this current state, it would detract from your home’s value and beauty. For example, if you find yourself in this situation, we could fix this up by using a combination of plain concrete overlay with inset sections of resurfaced concrete that is designed to resemble Flagstone. The concrete overlay is then given a broom finish so that it would look like it was just poured. After this, your concrete will be broken up into decorative sections where the Flagstone design will be applied. The entire slab is then sealed with a tough, moisture-resistant polymer that makes it stand against salt and other elements that could cause a significant amount of damage to it. It is then a guarantee that your concrete will have a long-lasting beauty and utility.

Cost-effective and Durable Concrete Designs

A fully-resurfaced and stamped concrete can transform your ordinary surface into a beautiful and durable imitation of authentic (and not to mention expensive) flooring applications such as flagstone, cobblestone, brick, slate and custom tile. Whether you have indoor concrete surfaces or outdoor walkways, patios, pool decks or driveways that needs an upgrade, you can count on Sundek of Nashville to help you achieve great and top of the line results.

With Sundek of Nashville, we guarantee you the following:

  • Free estimates and consultation by our professional design advisors
  • High-quality and durable Sundek products
  • Professional and punctual installations that respect your time and property

Call us today to see how we can help you upgrade your concrete to a unique and elegant space that can give you an experience like no other. Say goodbye to ugly concrete now!