The Right Floor for Commercial Concrete Surfaces

ryConcrete floors indoors are certainly not just a residential enhancement. A lot of commercial spaces begin with concrete floors but a dull gray surface isn’t always an ideal place to showcase merchandise or welcome your customers. A boring concrete surface is a perfect canvas on which you can design that ideal floor, however. Due to its ability to look organic and industrial at the same time, concrete has become a highly popular flooring material for commercial designs all over the country. Rather than laying new floors on top of your old concrete, business owners are choosing to resurface their concrete, having it polished, stained and stamped to perfection.

The resurfacing process is simple and certainly fast. In many situations, all we have to do is apply thin layers of concrete to a base concrete slab. After that, we add almost any design of your choice. Once that is a dry, a layer of topcoat sealer finishes off the floor and keep it looking as good as new for many years to come. With this final protective layer, the flooring surface is extremely easy to maintain. Just grab a cloth, a mop or a broom and it’ll be sparkly clean in no time. The easy maintenance makes concrete a great option for restaurants and other more mess-prone businesses like pet stores.

Choosing a design or style is oftentimes the hardest part of installing indoor concrete. From overlays to chemical stains, the design and color options at your disposal are literally infinite.

A basic slab design can enhance architectural details. When it comes to un-stamped concrete finishes, we think that it’s all about contrast. Contrast plain, shiny concrete against elaborate merchandise installations. Contrast bright blue acid stain against pure white or neutral colored walls. Smooth resurfaced floors looks great against red brick and natural wood features too and make an ideal surface on which to spread out a funky rug. With most acid stain treatments, the floor won’t look flat and dull like unfinished concrete. It will have built in highlights and lowlights and a variety of color saturations.

If you want something more sophisticated, a stamped design can recreate the look of brick, stone or tile floors—all for a fraction of the cost of the real thing. A natural stone stamp is an excellent look for many commercial spaces that will never go out of style.