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6 Reasons Concrete Floors Are Perfect for Your Nashville Hair Salon

Concrete Floors in a high end spa

Concrete Floors in a high end spa

Your Nashville hair salon may be a place where customers come for new hairstyles, coloring, perms, straightening, and more, but it is also a business that deals with a lot of chemicals and foot traffic and needs ongoing cleanup. For your part, decorative concrete floors will eliminate a lot of work while still providing your clientele with a safe and relaxing place to have their hair done.

For the concrete floors in your Nashville hair salon, you can select solutions on both ends of the spectrum. That means you can have a professional installer create a pattern that mimics other materials, like wood, brick, rock, slate, and so on, using a template. In this case, a top-of-the-line product like SunStamp achieves optimum results. The other possibility entails having an artisan hand-trowel a coating using a superior product like Tuscan. As a handcrafted overlay, the outcome will surpass your expectations.

Although these two options produce different results, they can both transform the concrete floors in your Nashville business.

  1. Competition – In a fiercely competitive industry, gorgeous floors give you a leg up on the competition. In your salon, customers enjoy a full spa-like experience consisting of comfort, relaxation, and tranquility.
  2. Versatility – With endless colors, patterns, and textures, you can transform the concrete floors in your Nashville hair salon in any way that you want.
  3. Durability – Decorative concrete floors are highly durable. As such, they easily handle heavy foot traffic.
  4. Customization – Color, patterns, textures, and aggregates allow you to customize the look of your floors.
  5. Long-Lasting – When professionally applied, a top product will provide you with floors that remain beautiful for a long time.
  6. Resistance – When sealed for added protection, both stamped and hand-troweled decorative coatings offer resistance to chemicals, oil, water, abrasion, impact, and stains, all potential risks associated with your hair salon in Nashville. Enjoy concrete floors that look fantastic yet hold up to almost anything.

Concrete Resurfacing: A Trusted Solution for Your Nashville Outdoor Theater

Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete Resurfacing with Classic Texture

With love for the theater, you decided to operate an outdoor venue in Nashville. Although you feel confident in bringing patrons amazing performances, you have concerns about the floors. Looking dull and outdated, you recognize the need to make a change. For this, you should seriously consider concrete resurfacing.

Especially if you already have acts lining up to start at your Nashville theater, you need a solution quickly. The problem with having a concrete surface ripped out and reinstalled is it takes weeks, sometimes longer depending on the size of the space. Not only that but during the project, the workers create a significant mess, which does nothing for marketing your upcoming shows. In comparison, an expert can usually finish a concrete resurfacing job in a single day and without any mess.

In this case, an experienced contractor or installer first prepares the surface. After making any repairs, cleaning the concrete, and then allowing it to dry, the professional goes to work applying the decorative solution you selected. Although you have many excellent choices, for an outdoor theater, a product like Classic Texture should rank high on your list of possibilities.

This spray-on acrylic finish has been around for many decades. In fact, it played a critical role in the development of the decorative concrete industry. Proven as a superior concrete resurfacing option, it makes perfect sense to consider this for your Nashville theater. You can select from a host of gorgeous colors, and based on the look you want to achieve, the expert can create unique design elements using custom score lines, masonry effects, and aggregates.

Once finished, you end up with a surface that looks fantastic, holds up to a significant volume of foot traffic, and more importantly, has a slip-resistant surface. With this concrete resurfacing solution for your outdoor theater in Nashville, you will also discover how comfortable the surface is to walk on. That means for longer shows where people stand, you never have to worry about anyone leaving early.

Do Decorative Concrete Systems Have Any Limitations?

Decorative Concrete Systems

Decorative Concrete Systems

When doing research or talking to experts about decorative concrete systems, terms like “unlimited options” or “no limitations” are commonly used. However, as a consumer, you question whether those claims are true. After all, a flooring solution without limitations seems impossible. Or is it?

While other things have limitations, when it comes to decorative concrete systems, you can achieve virtually anything. Considering that every person has unique likes combined with a broad range of products, colors, textures, patterns, techniques, experts, custom effects, and so on, it is easy to understand why it is so difficult to find an end to the possibilities.

Regardless of the look you want for your home or business, selecting among the different decorative concrete systems and having a professional installer perform the work brings your dream to fruition. Take Tuscan as a perfect example. A skilled artisan applies this superior handcrafted custom overlay based on the customer’s specifications. That means 100 customers could choose the same color, pattern, and texture, yet no two finished projects would look the same.

Something else worth noting is the fact that experts use a variety of enhancements, such as aggregates, score lines, masonry effects, and more. A professional installer can achieve any look on behalf of the customer. For instance, aggregates could be one of a thousand things, including quartz beads, colored glass, pebbles, metallic flakes, seashells, or even fossils.

You can have different types of decorative concrete systems used for the same project. For your hearth room, you might select a beautifully stamped floor that looks exactly like genuine hardwood combined with a stunning stamped area that mimics cobblestones in front of the fireplace.

Overlays, coatings, and finishes work on different materials as well. Along with horizontal and vertical concrete, many products work on other materials such as stucco, cinder block, drywall, foam, brick, and more. Do decorative concrete systems have limitations? No, because there are too many dynamics involved.

Stamped Concrete Rehab: The Ideal Solution for Giving Floors New Life

Stamped Concrete Recoloring and rehab

Stamped Concrete Recoloring and rehab

Even if you have the highest-quality decorative concrete product applied to your floors, at some point, you could face issues like faded color and surface imperfections. Instead of having the slab ripped out and reinstalled, there is a much better option in the form of stamped concrete rehab. Especially using a superior product like Sun Restore 112, your floors will look new in no time.

When it comes to stamped concrete rehab, this resinous patching and repair system makes a perfect choice. Depending on the size of the area involved, an expert can complete the work within hours, and the process usually never takes longer than one day. Whether you have less-than-stellar floors in your home, restaurant, law firm, or arcade center, this solution is ideal for restoring both beauty and functionality.

As a stamped concrete rehab solution, this product is ideal for a broad range of damaged floors, inside and outside. Not only does a top-of-the-line restoration product fix problems, but it also helps level out concrete. Before you hire a crew to come in and tear out an existing concrete surface, which can be a messy, costly, and time-consuming process, consider rehabilitation.

If you have a business with a lot of customers that come and go, stamped concrete rehab makes sense. Rather than force people to walk around men working with jackhammers, you can have an expert work after hours to restore the surface. The only thing your customers will see is a beautiful new concrete floor that enhances their shopping experience.

Something else to consider is that if you select Sun Restore 112, you end up with a surface three times stronger than concrete alone. That means your newly restored floors can withstand a tremendous amount of daily use and abuse. Also, you can choose from 16 signature colors to perfectly match non-damaged areas. Finally, stamped concrete rehab works great for both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Fantastic Ideas for a Custom Concrete Pool Deck at Your Home

Concrete Pool Deck

Concrete Pool Deck

With winter just around the corner, this is the perfect time to start planning a new concrete pool deck for your Nashville home. That way, when spring comes, you can have a professional contractor start working to transform its appearance and functionality. When researching products, make sure to add Classic Texture and SunSplash to your list of possibilities.

If you decide to upgrade your concrete pool deck in Nashville using a spray-on acrylic finish, you can customize it to your liking. For one thing, you can select from many beautiful colors. Instead of an ordinary gray deck, give the one in your backyard personality and character. Because an installer sprays this particular system on in two coats, not only does the color pop, but the surface has extra protection.

Besides color, you can choose from various design templates to make the concrete pool deck at your Nashville home look like stone, tile, or brick. In fact, you can even add custom graphics. Additional design elements include the addition of aggregates and custom score lines, which would help hide any surface imperfections while creating a gorgeous pool area.

A textured acrylic coating is another spectacular option for the concrete pool deck at your Nashville home. Along with colors, custom score lines, and masonry effects, an expert can use multiple decorative concrete products for a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Regardless of which decision you make, the beautiful, slip-resistant decking will allow family and friends to have fun without worrying about slipping and sustaining an injury. Especially if you have people over all the time, you want to decrease your liability without compromising on the deck’s appearance.

For inspiration for the concrete pool deck at your Nashville home, spend time looking at photos of what other people have done. Although you could copy a design down to the last detail, you can also use other people’s ideas to produce something unique.