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Tips for Choosing the Right Sealer to Protect the Concrete Coating on Your Nashville Garage Floor

Concrete Coating

Concrete Coating

When it comes to choosing a decorative concrete coating for the garage floor in your Nashville home, it is imperative that you select a superior-quality product. Otherwise, the results will fall short of your expectations. In fact, using a subpar product could lead to a host of costly issues. However, it also is essential that you have the floors sealed with a top-of-the-line product, such as SunClear UltraProtect.

Although some of the best coatings resist things like abrasions, stains, impacts, oil, water, and hot tire marks, you still want a sealer applied. That film serves as a second layer of protection, which will help your beautiful garage floor last a long time. The right sealer will also simplify the cleaning and maintenance process.

Instead of going with just any sealer, follow the tips provided to ensure you end up with the best.

• Colorless – Although a professional installer can add color to a quality sealer to correct slight fading of the concrete coating, stick with a clear product whenever possible. That way, the sealer will not alter the original color of the coating. A clear product will also add an incredible sheen that further enhances the appearance of the garage floor at your Nashville home.

• Maximum Protection – As with the concrete coating you selected for your garage floor, sealers come in a broad range of protective levels. If your garage sees a lot of foot and vehicle traffic, or if you spend a great deal of time in the space working on projects, you want maximum protection.

• Hard Yet Flexible – Something else to consider when choosing a sealant is that you want a product that is hard yet flexible. As a result, it can accommodate changes in the floor due to extreme temperatures but still offer excellent resistance to impacts, chemicals, and abrasions.

• Formulated for Garage Floors – Before selecting the first concrete coating you see, make sure its formula is especially for garage floors. Even better, work with a reputable contractor or installer who uses quality products.

Sundek Classic Texture: The Perfect Solution for Customizing Your Pool Deck in Nashville

pool deck resurfaced Nashville

Classic Texture Pool deck

Whether you have a swimming pool in the backyard of your Nashville home or at a commercial business you own, there is nothing more attractive than a customized pool deck. Instead of choosing what everyone else goes for, why not select something unique? Sundek Classic Texture has a long history of producing incredible results.

As a type of decorative overlay, you can have Sundek Classic Texture applied to your decking instead of having the entire surface torn out and reinstalled. Even if the deck has small imperfections, this product helps hide them. At the same time, it completely changes the surface’s appearance.

Known as the original acrylic spray-on overlay, Sundek Classic Texture has transformed tens of thousands of pool decks for home and business owners throughout the country. What makes this overlay so great is that you can choose from a broad range of colors and color combinations. Regardless if you want a whimsical, elegant, simple, or natural-looking pool deck, this one product can achieve it all.

Along with beautiful color choices, you can also have an incredible design made using masonry effects, custom score lines, and the addition of aggregates. Depending on the look you want to capture for your residential or commercial pool deck in Nashville, you can have the same color and design applied to the pool deck or come up with a mix-and-match concept. With so much versatility, you will have no problem finding the perfect color and design for your project.

Two more benefits of Sundek Classic Texture are the slip-resistance and the nonporous surface. Especially when used on a pool deck, there is less risk of someone slipping and sustaining an injury. As a nonporous finish coating, dirt, chemicals, oil, and other substances do not penetrate it. For that reason, cleaning and maintenance are a breeze.

When transforming the pool deck at your Nashville home or business, you should put this product on the top of your list.

Transform the Appearance of Your Nashville Martial Arts Studio with Epoxy Color Flake Floors

Color Flakes for Epoxy Coatings

Color Flakes for Epoxy Coatings

No one said you had to have boring floors. Instead of having boring floors in the office, restroom, and around the dojo of your Nashville martial arts studio, make a change. If you have classes specifically for children, not only do you want to make classes fun, you also want to give your studio a vibrant look. Because the dojo is typically gray, most studios like this have truly little color. For your business, you can change that by having epoxy color flake floors installed using products like SunMetal FX and SunOne Polyaspartic.

Epoxy color flake floors are epoxy floors with sparkling color chips added. That means the flooring system has a slip-resistant surface. In addition, epoxy floors are highly resistant to an assortment of things, including stains, impact, abrasions, chemicals, oil, and so on. If you allow people to have drinks in your Nashville martial arts studio, this will eliminate damage and messy cleanups.

The primary benefit of installing epoxy color flake floors in your Nashville martial arts studio is that in addition to choosing the base color for the epoxy, you can select the color of the chips. As you can imagine, that increases an already impressive list of options. If you follow a specific theme or color scheme at your studio, you could choose colors and chips that coordinate.

One of the more unique benefits of epoxy color flake floors is that because of the appearance, they will help draw potential customers inside. When people look in the windows of your martial arts studio in Nashville and see kids having a great time in a studio with gorgeous floors, they will want to learn more.

Keep your business fun and exciting. One simple change of transforming the floor is enough to make a significant difference. Because few martial arts studios have floors with shiny flakes, yours will stand out, giving you a competitive edge.

Decorative Concrete Makes Pool Decks at Nashville Hotels Safer and More Enjoyable

Decorative Concrete Commercial Pool Deck

Decorative Concrete Commercial Hotel Pool Deck

If you have ever stayed in more than one hotel and noticed a difference in how the pool decks felt on your feet, there is a reason. The type of decorative concrete installed has a direct impact on both the safety and enjoyment of guests spending time around the pool. If you own this type of business and want to give your guests an incredible experience, consider making an upgrade to the pool decking.

When you choose the right type of decorative concrete overlay for your hotel, perhaps a product like SunCanvas or SunSplash, your guests will notice. Because they have a safer and more enjoyable time, they will book accommodations at your hotel the next time they come to Nashville. They also will gladly share the name of your business when people ask them where they stayed.

As far as safety, the right decorative concrete overlay around the pool at your Nashville hotel has a slip-resistant surface. Even if you have signs posted reminding people not to run, kids will be kids. With a non-slippery surface, there is less risk of someone falling and sustaining an injury. That puts parents, elderly guests, and other people in a safer position. At the same time, you can share information about having a slip-resistant pool deck as part of your marketing campaign to boost business.

commercial acrylic concrete overlays nashvilleThen there is the comfort aspect when selecting decorative concrete decking for your Nashville hotel. Especially on hot summer days, instead of the surface burning your guests’ feet, it remains cool to the touch. This allows guests to walk around without experiencing pain. For you, cool decking reduces any liability of someone burning their feet.

Beyond safety and comfort, you can choose from a broad range of colors, textures, patterns, and aggregates to create a custom look for your Nashville hotel. Instead of having a boring pool area, you can bring some excitement to the mix.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Concrete Contractor in Nashville

Top Concrete Contractors do great work

Top Concrete Contractors do great work

Before you hire just any concrete contractor in Nashville, there are several critical factors to consider. After all, choosing the wrong person could lead to disaster. Following are the primary things you should focus on to ensure that you hire the right professional to complete your project.

  • Experience – This is not to say that someone relatively new at installing concrete overlays, finishes, coatings, and stains is a poor choice, just that someone with years of experience will likely do a much better job. With experience comes a tremendous amount of knowledge. Ultimately, you can expect your new pool deck, patio, walkway, driveway, floor, wall, and so on to exceed your expectations.
  • City Knowledge – When it comes to decorative concrete, every city is slightly different. Between the amount of sunlight, temperature fluctuations, humidity levels, rain, snow, and more, the concrete contractor you hire in Nashville should have insight into the climate for that specific city. That way, he applies the product correctly to ensure optimal results.
  • Product Knowledge – It is critical that you select a concrete contractor in Nashville who uses superior quality products and has in-depth knowledge about his choices. Hiring an expert who uses only Sundek products is by far your best option. Regardless of how you want a concrete surface transformed, these products outperform others on the market.
  • Creativity – Especially if you want something unique, hire a contractor with the required skill to create a custom design. Whether the transformation involves colors, textures, patterns, or aggregates, the person you have work on your project should excel at his craft.
  • Professionalism – It should go without saying that any concrete contractor in Nashville worth consideration would display a high level of professionalism. That entails treating you with respect, listening to your ideas, keeping you updated, and being friendly while on the job.