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Stamped Concrete Recoloring

Stamped Concrete Recoloring

Stamped Concrete Recoloring

Did you know you can have fading stamped concrete recolored? Even when severely faded, there is a viable way to bring life and personality back to your concrete driveway, walkway, patio, front porch, pool deck, and more. Instead of feeling embarrassed to have family and friends visit, stamped concrete recoloring will give you a sense of pride.

When colored concrete fades, it diminishes the appearance and value of the entire property. Even if you had a superior product applied to a concrete surface, after 20 years, you could expect some level of fading. Keep in mind that the surface might remain intact, meaning it is fully functional. However, discoloration or fading is typical due to foot and vehicle traffic, sunlight, spilled substances, and more.

Instead of having the concrete torn out and replaced, which takes time and makes a mess, you can have a professional installer transform the surface with a recoloring product, like from the SunRestore system. Typically, solid color concrete surfaces fade worse than those with a translucent or marbled effect.

Stamped Concrete Recoloring

Stamped Concrete Recoloring

Thanks to advancements in decorative concrete formulas and technologies, recoloring systems are now incredibly innovative and successful. Along with adding color to a dull surface, today’s products also improve long-term durability. With stamped concrete recoloring, you can expect a longer service life.

For concrete with surface imperfections, the same SunRestore line works as a patching and repair system. As a result, the installer can fix problem areas and recolor at the same time. In addition to 16 signature colors, you can always have colors blended or mixed to create a one-of-a-kind look. For a partially faded surface, you would select the same or a similar color. For a 100 percent faded area, you have a clean slate. With that, you can start over, choosing an entirely different color.

Although nothing beats the original color, the right product comes close. For old and faded concrete, stamped concrete recoloring is the way to go. With the project finished, family and friends will think you had a new surface installed.

Pool Deck Repair – How to Enhance Your Pool Using Sundek Classic Texture

Pool deck in need of repair in Nashville, TN

Pool deck in need of repair in Nashville, TN

Have you ever been to someone’s house only to turn green with envy over their stunning pool? Then you return home to find that yours needs some help in the pool deck repair department. Instead of feeling embarrassed, you can enhance both the appearance and functionality of your pool deck with the Sundek Classic Texture overlay.

Classic Texture eliminates the need to have your existing pool deck ripped out and reinstalled. Instead, this product repairs pool deck issues while completely transforming its appearance. With the project finished by a trained expert, you will become the envy of people who visit your home in Nashville.

A trained installer can create custom designs that surpass your expectations. Using design effects like cut score lines, aggregates, masonry effects, and color, you can achieve any look you want. For a spectacular backyard, you might consider selecting a design and color that complements the home, backyard landscaping, and style of pool.

spray knockdown texture pool deck resurfacing nashville

Sundek classic texture to repair a pool deck

Classic Texture not only helps with pool deck repair problems, but it also creates a cooler surface compared to other materials used. Because of that, family and friends can walk around barefoot even on the hottest summer day without burning their feet. Especially for children, this makes time around the pool more enjoyable and safer.

The Classic Texture overlay also has a slip-resistant texture. Although children should never run around a pool, being kids, they do. With its nonslip qualities, there is less risk of someone taking an accidental spill only to sustain a busted lip, skinned knee, or perhaps a more severe injury.

For the wow factor, a professional installer can customize your pool deck in any way that you want. You can opt to have this overlay product combined with others, like Tuscan and SunStamp. For the latter, you can end up with a pool deck that looks like genuine wood, brick, stone, slate, flagstone, or a host of other materials.

Hotels in Nashville Welcome Guests with a Stunning Concrete Entryway

Classic Texture Concrete Entryways

Classic Texture Concrete Entryway

Because most people are visual, they make first impressions based on what they see. For hotel owners in Nashville, it becomes imperative to present their businesses in a positive light starting with the concrete entryway. When guests arrive and notice a beautiful walkway, it tells them that the hotel owner cares about every detail. As a result, they anticipate excellent accommodations and service.

Using Classic Texture, SunStamp, or a combination of the two, you can transform your Nashville hotel. By welcoming your guests the right way, they will enjoy their stay more and tell others about your business. In no time, you will start to notice an increase in bookings. If your entryway has outdoor concrete repair needs, instead of having it torn out and reinstalled, either one of these Sundek overlays will rejuvenate it.

Classic Texture

One option to help with outdoor concrete repair issues is Classic Texture. Depending on the look that you prefer, you can have this spray-on acrylic texture overlay enhanced in multiple ways. For instance, the expert can create gorgeous designs using custom effects like masonry, score lines, and aggregates or can add one or more beautiful colors.

You can even have Classic Texture combined with SunStamp, giving you more options for transforming the appearance of your hotel concrete entryway. For a country inn, you could go with a brick or wood design. For a more modern hotel, flagstone is a good option, and for a sophisticated and elegant look, consider slate.

SunStamp is ideal for a Concrete Entryway


Like Classic Texture, Sundek SunStamp is an incredible overlay that goes on the surface of an existing concrete entryway. It too helps with minor to moderate outdoor concrete repair issues. The difference is that a professional installer creates the design you want using stamp mats. You can select something traditional or have a custom mat made especially for your hotel.

With SunStamp, you also have gorgeous color choices that come from acrylic finishes, colored oxides, or stains. Because there are so many possibilities for all three, the sky is the limit as to what you can accomplish.

Commercial Space Revamp: Top Concrete Resurfacing Options

Like the essentials in our lives, a floor is also something that we should never take for granted. In a commercial setting, it plays a huge role in making the space efficient, inviting, and comfortable for clients. When it starts to acquire damage or when age and constant usage becomes evident, the floor could become a major turn off. To protect your investment, opt for a commercial concrete resurfacing. Here are 4 of the most popular materials to revamp a commercial space.

Stamped Concretecommercial concrete stamping nashville

Natural stone makes any space look clean, elegant, and crisp. This comes with an expensive price tag so business owners barely use stone for their stores or shops. Now they can with stamped concrete. An overlay of concrete can be stamped and stained to look like almost anything. Stamped patterns include flagstone, fractured slate, brick, and more.

Polished Concretecommercial concrete refinishing nashville

Scratches and patches are evident on concrete floors. With the heavy traffic experienced by commercial floors, it is almost impossible to keep the floor looking shiny and new. Polishing the concrete can achieve that, though, with very minimal effort. Using a polishing equipment, the slabs are sanded with different abrasive pads until the desired shine is acquired. The shine stays even without the use of wax, scrubs, and buffers.

Stained Concretecommercial floor stain nashville

While paint is the most popular method of adding color to floors, it is not the most reliable. It peels, fades, and flakes off. Staining it is a more effective method. The colors penetrate deep into the slab, making it impossible to fade. Water-based stains are perfect for solid colors while acid stains are great for more decorative themes, thanks to its random chemical reactions and color tones. This can be done on new pours as long as the slab has cured for a month or so already. It can also be used on old concrete and resurfaced ones.

Epoxy Flooringcommercial floor solutions nashville

An epoxy floor coating is perfect for almost any commercial establishment, as long as it is indoors. It does not get along very well with UV rays so might need to keep this material for indoor use. This is a tough and durable coating that makes floors resistant to most types of damage, making it perfect for warehouses, commercial kitchens, auto shops, and the like. Epoxy flooring contractors in Nashville, Tennessee highly recommends it because epoxy requires very minimal cleaning and maintenance and it offers a wide range of decorative options that business owners would surely love.

Top 6 Pool Deck Material Options for In-Ground Pools (with 1 bonus option!)

When designing an in-ground swimming pool, it can be quite stressful to figure out the details. Choosing from a wide range of pool deck material options is not a piece of cake. There are important things to consider like maintenance, aesthetics, and cost. To help you out, here is a short list of the most popular materials used for in-ground pool decks. Read on to gain information about each one and, hopefully, find the one that is just right for you.

  • Concrete

Concrete can easily be molded into any shape. It provides a smooth surround around the pool. Nowadays, concrete can come in various colors aside from the utilitarian gray that it usually comes in. However, some architectural concepts, such as mid-century modern or contemporary, require and feature the raw look of concrete. It is highly recommended to have a professional pour and install a concrete pool deck to make sure that it is properly mixed, laid out, and leveled. You can even have it stamped, stained, and more.

  • Brick

Brick is one of the most timeless materials in the history of man. It has been in use for over 5,000 years and it manages to stay on any top lists, be it for pool decks, patios, driveways, and more. Although the most common color is red and terracotta, brick is now manufactured in a wider range of colors.

  • Pavers

Pavers are popular for use on outdoor surfaces. It comes in a wide range of sizes and shapes. It comes in a limited variety of colors, making it possible to create decorative patterns upon installation. Interlocking pavers are a highly popular material today because these are designed to resemble granite, brick, cobblestone, and other pavement materials.

  • Wood

Wood is more common on above-ground pool decks but it is also ideal for use on in-ground types. Planks of wood are put together to create a rustic yet luxurious lounging area around the pool. This requires careful planning and you need to make sure that you choose a wood type that could endure outdoor elements and frequent splashes of water. A good sealer is also needed to seal off the grains and to keep water from penetrating the material.

  • Stone

For natural-looking pool decks, stone is always the number one choice. It features random colors and patterns that look stunning. It has enough texture, making the surface non-skid enough for safe walking. Natural stone enhances any architectural feature or landscape effortlessly. Flagstone is one of the most popular types because it is almost flat enough for use on pool decks.

  • Tile

Now, this is not the tile often used in baths and kitchen sinks. Tile for pool decks need to be textured and slip-resistant. The best type of tile for pool decks is the unglazed terracotta. There are other options, make sure to consult an expert to help you find a proper tile for outdoor use.

  • Artificial Turf (Bonus!)

Grass is a common deck for backyard swimming pools. However, not everyone is fond of having to step on grass barefooted especially after coming out of the pool. Also, grass can be a source of dirt and debris and it requires higher maintenance than other pool deck materials. The alternative? Fake grass. This is a sustainable option that gives the natural look of real grass but with the addition of water conservation. Since it is fake and does not grow, maintenance is also kept to a minimum.