A Look at the Many Advantages of Epoxy Floors

If you are considering new flooring for your business, garage, basement or even the rest of your home, you have quite a few options available. You can invest in vinyl tile, carpeting, hardwood or even go with bare concrete if you prefer. However, epoxy floors offer some pretty significant advantages that you should be aware of before you make a decision regarding your needs. What advantages might you find? Here are some of the most impressive benefits you’ll find.

Decorative Options

When it comes to decorative flooring solutions, you really can’t beat epoxy floors. Epoxy can be colored in any shade you might want, or in any combination of colors. You can also add decorative elements to your floors, such as colored chips, quartz or glass if you prefer. Patterns, full color floors, marbling and many other effects are possible with this material.

Maintainable and Cleanable

Yet another advantage offered by concrete epoxy floor is their ease of maintenance and cleaning. You have to do virtually no maintenance at all to keep the floors looking good. Unlike wood and other floors that require regular sealing and waxing, epoxy is naturally impermeable and requires no coating to make it so. That means that in reality, all you have to do to keep it looking great over the life of the floor is to ensure that you sweep and mop it. The occasional buffing will also help it maintain its beauty, particularly in high-traffic areas.

Texture Possibilities

Many homeowners and business owners choose to have smooth epoxy floors installed. However, you can achieve virtually any texture that you might want simply by adding aggregates to the mix. That makes this an ideal flooring solution for any area where slips and falls are serious concerns, and for areas where standing water is a common problem (around pools, in bathrooms, etc.). It’s also ideal for areas where skid resistance is important, such as in work areas or where machinery (forklifts and the like) need to maintain a firm purchase on the floor at all times.

Resistant to Many Threats

Unlike plain concrete, wood, vinyl and carpet, epoxy floors are resistant to a wide variety of threats, particularly to chemicals. Because the flooring is impervious, acids, solvents, cleansers, bleach and other chemicals will have no effect on it. Liquid spills can simply be wiped up. With other types of flooring, staining and/or discoloration is just one of the possible drawbacks.

Sterility and Germ Control

Finally, you’ll find that epoxy is an ideal material for situations where sterility is a concern. Because epoxy floors are seamless and impermeable, bacteria, germs and other microbial threats cannot penetrate and grow. This makes epoxy an excellent choice for hospitals, schools, medical centers, veterinary clinics and other areas where microbial control is an essential consideration.

As you can see, there are quite a few significant advantages you can gain with epoxy flooring, whether you want to install it in a home or business.