Advantages of an Epoxy Flooring

epoxy garage coating nashvilleConcrete floors are often overlooked, unless something is wrong with the surface (damages like cracks, stains, etc.) This is usually in outdoor settings and in the garage. Your floors are an important part of the garage’s look, harmony and safety. One wonderful flooring option for you today is concrete floor epoxy coating.

Epoxy is a material that acts as a sealant when applied to the outer layer of an existing concrete floor. Epoxy coatings are most commonly used in garages everywhere. They have previously been put to use in commercial and industrial establishments and facilities that require the maximum degree of cleanliness and durability like pharmaceutical buildings, manufacturing plants, food plants, hospitals and laboratories. As the epoxy coating stands up against these heavy-duty areas, you know that this can work and you can trust it to be the best, durable surface for your garage floor. It is an ideal surface coat for many situations brought to you by Sundek of Nashville. Here are some of the benefits and advantages you can gain when you have your surface resurfaced with epoxy coatings.

Unbeatable Durability

Concrete surfaces that have been resurfaced with epoxy coatings tend to last longer and resist a considerable amount of wear, saving you a lot of money in the long term. Once the epoxy has been converted into a strong and solid polymer, it becomes incredibly durable and resist breakdown after being exposed to certain chemical substances. Epoxy Coatings can survive the continued exposure to chemicals and other elements like grease and car fluids that might seep in the garage floor.

Significant Time-Saver

Our quality epoxy coatings can be easily installed and can be quickly finished. Once you have our expert crew work on your garage floor, this could mean that you can quickly resume in using your garage. Your day to day life isn’t interrupted that much. Sundek of Nashville’s floor coating products can also offer you a number of benefits beyond the initial installation process. Once your concrete has an epoxy coating, it no longer has pores which makes it ultimately easier to clean and maintain. Choosing an epoxy coating can even reduce the amount of wear on vehicles because of its smooth surface.

Amazing Aesthetics

Pouring or applying an epoxy coating can enhance your surface and create a slick, high gloss surface. Sundek of Nashville’s concrete resurfacing products are available in a huge and wide array of colors and designs that you could use for your personalization. It could very well suit your physical style too! If your garage does not have a window, or if you find that yours is too dark, a high gloss finish for the surface can greatly enhance the lighting of your garage.

Safe and Environment-Friendly

An epoxy coating can turn your flooring a material that’s resistant to slips, temperature and even fire. It maintains both the safety of your family and home. They require a very little amount of raw materials which makes it an earth-friendly material for your property. You don’t have to tear out your entire concrete surface just to replace it anymore. All it takes, is our epoxy coating.

If you’re looking for a trusted concrete contractor in Nashville, Sundek of Nashville has the experience and the products suitable for every taste and feel of your property. Call us today!