Things You Ought To Know About Acrylic Cement Coating

Concrete Floor InstallationAlthough acrylic cement coatings are attractive ways to make your outdoor areas, driveways, and other concrete surfaces more attractive, they serve other purposes as well. Did you know that concrete overlays date back to the 1960s? At that time, a few large chemical companies started to test acrylic paint resins for use on concrete surfaces. Of course, the process has improved through the years, and today Sundek Classic Texture and other competitive products provide effective barriers against chemicals, oils and other substances that can damage traditional concrete surfaces.

Acrylic cement coatings are composed of durable, synthetic materials that bond to a concrete surface. In addition to looking great, these coatings are non-porous, making them easy to clean and maintain. Garage floors and driveways treated with such a coating are resistant to oil stains and other unsightly blemishes that often plague untreated concrete surfaces where cars are regularly parked.

Coatings applied to cement can also be texturized for slip resistance. This helps keep residents and guests safe when walking on treated pool decks, entryways and other areas. Of course, textures added to acrylic cement coatings can add interest and beauty to a garage or outdoor living space as well. As an added safety feature, acrylic coatings don’t conduct heat as well as untreated concrete surfaces. This leaves them cooler to the touch on hot summer days.

When you want to add beauty and utility to any of your outdoor areas, consider installing an acrylic concrete coating. This time-tested product will help you maintain concrete surfaces and keep them safer for you and your family.