7 Simple But Dreamy Landscape Pool Deck Ideas

Having a luxurious pool does not stop in the swimming pool itself. It isn’t truly in its best state if the surrounding deck is not included in the plan. No matter how amazing the water is, an unsightly deck will definitely ruin the experience big time. Here are cool landscape pool deck ideas you might want to give a try:

Pool Deck Resurfacingspray knockdown texture pool deck resurfacing nashville

If you have an existing deck, it wouldn’t be difficult to change the look or texture of the surface. Decorative concrete resurfacing offers a range of options that enhance traction on any concrete surface. A stamped overlay feature shallow grooves that result from the stamping process. The spray knockdown texture features a similar look to that of a stucco drywall but with a less intense texture.

Water Featuresfaux waterfalls

A single water feature will immediately add more magic to any pool deck. If you can afford one, opt for fiberglass boulders and create a faux waterfalls at one end of the pool. You can also install a wall waterfall which features water trickling on a stone or glass wall. This comes in different sizes so you can cover up an entire wall with it or just have one made for use on a tabletop.

Fence Installationnashville residential pool decking

Adding a fence around the pool deck is a great way of adding extra privacy to the area. Fences also keeps stray animals, nosy neighbors, and peeping toms out. Some of the most popular types are wood, iron, and hedges.

Vegetationnashville classic texture

A landscape won’t be complete without vegetation. Plants make the outdoor area seem closer to nature. It helps purify the air around the area and keep bugs from getting into the water. However, you just can’t plant or choose any type of greenery and you just can’t put them in any spot. Consult a pro to advise you about the best outdoor plants that require minimal maintenance and have a designer show you where certain plants should be placed.

Seating Elementsknockdown texture finish contractor

Not everyone who heads out to the pool area is doing so for a swim. Some just want to lounge on the deck, read a book, look at the view, or enjoy a glass of wine. This is why it is important to have seating elements available for such instances. The chairs can be built-in, like in landscapes, along the wall, or around a fire pit. If you have outdoor furniture, dress them up in comfortable cushions and throws.

Fire Featurespool deck fire pit

Wouldn’t it be nice to hang out on the pool deck without freezing to death? Fireplaces and fire pits provide just the right amount of warmth and illumination outdoors. In the daytime, these can also be a spot for barbecues and roasting marshmallows.

Nature Pathstamped concrete pool deck pathway nashville

If you have a really wide pool deck space, why not add a nature path? It can just be a bunch of flat stones put together to create a trail from the house to the pool or from the pool deck to a garden. It would be cool to have it lead to a secluded area that only has one small table and a chair or bench, like a secret place, away from the hustle and bustle of family and friends frolicking in the pool.