5 Ways to Have a Summer-ready Pool Deck

Summer is coming. What better way to enjoy the season than to hang out in the pool area? The climate provides the best setup for taking long dips and swims, even at night. The pool, however, may not be as ready as you are for Summer. So, how to go about having a Summer-ready pool deck?

Clean the Water

It is important for homeowners to have pool covers to keep the water clean until it is ready for use again. If your pool doesn’t have one, chances are the water is filled with leaves and what nots that the wind might have blown in so might as well drain and fill it with new water. For covered pools, make sure to clean the water before use. You can do this yourself or you can hire a professional pool cleaner.

pool coveringBalance the Chemicals

Most pools require chlorine to keep the water sanitary and to balance the pH level. If you are not experienced with this, have a pro do it for you. The amount of chlorine should be appropriate for the amount of water the pool has. If not, swimmers could acquire illnesses from exposure to the chemical.

pool chlorineDo Repairs on the Pool Deck

Take a walk around the pool deck and check for damage. Even the smallest crack or hole can be hurtful underfoot. Don’t worry, there is no need to replace the concrete pool deck. Just have spray knockdown finish installed on it. A knockdown finish covers up minor damage and gives the pool deck a brand new surface. The knockdown texture on concrete makes the surface slip-resistant and cooler to the touch. Besides, a spray-down concrete resurfacing procedure is more economical than replacing the whole deck.

spray knockdown finish Nashville TNPrepare for Danger

Make sure you have a first-aid kit accessible from the pool area. People are prone to slips and falls so pool deck texture coatings would be a highly recommended addition to the pool deck. A spray texture increases traction, making the pool deck slip-resistant. If you have kids, make sure to have at least one adult watching over them.

first aid kitTake Out the Summer Toys

Pool fun isn’t complete without summer toys. But make sure that the toys you include are those made specifically for pool use. You may have swim rings, inflatable beach balls, and stuff like that. It is also important to check if the inflatable toys are not leaking air out. Kids in swim rings that deflate are exposed to the dangers of drowning.

pool toys