5 Facts About Concrete Resurfacing

classic-texture-commercial-patio01Have you been looking for an effective home improvement? Upgrading your concrete surface is one of the quick and easy ways to improve how your home should look like indoors and outdoors! And if you’re slowly gaining a lot of curiosity over this, we’ve come up with facts about concrete resurfacing that could help you understand it fully, and ultimately lead to a better and more beautiful concrete surface.

Any floor design can be imitated with concrete resurfacing

The visual effects of concrete stamping and staining used to be limited to basic brick and tile patterns only. But it has come a very long way since then. You can now have different looks for your concrete surface that can mimic the look of natural stone floors, expensive tiles and even wood! A basic decorative concrete border can enhance your outdoor space. Partner that with a wall-to-wall stencil and you’d get the maximum luxurious effect! Multiple patterns can also be combined in one surface for a custom design. With a wide selection of finishes and staining colors, you can choose the perfect complement for your concrete surface to enhance its décor and appeal.

Concrete Resurfacing Makes Your Floor More Durable

A resurfaced concrete not only gives a beautiful finish, but also makes it age better. If you notice a stain on your current driveway, patio or basement, a full resurfacing will restore it to its original beauty and strength. Isolated crack repairs can leave unattractive veins and offers short time fix. Concrete resurfacing completely erases these cracks and stains (even holes)!

Concrete Resurfacing Protects Your Investment and Saves You Money

Sundek of Nashville features decorative concrete products that are economical. The competitive prices of our concrete finishing products can save you hundreds of dollars in materials alone. Bricks, natural stone and tiles are expensive products. And apart from these materials being expensive, the labor and the laying of these surfaces can even cost more.

Concrete Resurfacing Adds Value to Your Property

A beautiful home that consists of an elegant exterior and interior definitely doubles up its resale value once you put it up on the market. A fully resurfaced driveway or basement instantly becomes a considerable selling point that would definitely cost more for the aspiring buyer.

Concrete Resurfacing is Fast

It can be done in less than a week’s time. A demo no longer needs to be done to your surface. The job is done right away by our experts. We are able to repair and re-level an existing concrete surface before applying the decorative concrete coating. Once a design is finalized, the average completion time of concrete resurfacing is 3-5 days, depending on the weather. It includes leveling, repairs, pouring the coat and drying. However, driveways, patios and garages can be used in 24 hours just right after the final touches have been made.