3 Things to Know About Stained Concrete

You are planning to enhance the flooring of your living area but you are torn with two choices: buying a really nice carpet or considering having it stained. You only have a limited budget so you are leaning to buying a carpet (that is way, way cheaper than concrete stain). But if you come to think of it, are you really going to save money with the option you are choosing?

Maybe you have to do some research first. You will be surprised to find out how concrete staining is far better than a carpet and why it is receiving a lot of raves from many people. Here are 3 things to know about stained concrete:

Stained Concrete is Durable

A concrete that is stained is proven to last for a very long time. Concrete stains provide a protective layer onto the surface of the concrete that helps it resist dust, grease, oil, and other harmful chemicals.

Also, concrete stains cannot be easily damaged by abrasives. You do not have to worry about the scratches that sharp materials (such as knives and scissors) can do to your floor.

A carpet may transform your living room for a cheaper price; but if you come to think of it, re-purchasing carpets after only a month or so would cost you more. Why not invest your hard-earned money on something that will last for years? Your floor needs a classy and sophisticated look that’s durable.

Stained Concrete is Beautiful

The beauty of stained concrete cannot be denied. Many people are easily attracted to the designs, patterns, shapes, and colors that can be done in staining concrete. This is also the main reason why many people, especially those who own business spaces, prefer stained concretes than any other types of floorings. Concrete stains create unique and sophisticated designs that cannot be achieved by other floor enhancement alternatives.

Stained concrete is also ideal to use in renovating garages, driveways, patios, interior floors, and walkways. In staining a concrete, you could use your artistic skills to get the kind of design and finish you want to achieve. You can transform dull and boring spaces to something classic and unique with just the right technique and application process.

Concrete stains could also be applied to walkways to match the architectural design of your home or office. You can also make the design of the stain to look like natural stones and have it engraved for a customized look.

Stained Concrete is Low Maintenance

The best thing about stained concrete is that it is easy to clean. Since its finish is very smooth, one can easily wipe off dirt by using a rag or a mop. It does not also require regular vacuuming. All you have to do to maintain the smoothness and shine of the floor is to apply a thin coat of wax and scrub it occasionally. This will save you money and time in maintaining your precious floor.

With all these advantages, are you now convinced to have your floor stained?